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You should check into the advantages of 928 Car Title Loans!

Lots of folks have discovered car title loans are much easier to qualify for than traditional bank loans. They don’t require a great deal of documentation, and you won’t need to make an appointment to apply. Everyone loves the convenience of an online application, which only takes a few minutes to complete. You also can’t be turned down because of your credit history or credit score. 928 Car Title Loans has helped lots of people to improve their finances, pay off bills and cover emergencies. If you have a lien free car title, a vehicle that runs and some sort of income, you could qualify for a short-term loan.

Application Tips for Title Loans Yuma, AZ

Free Applications

If you’re considering a car title loan with 928 Car Title Loans and you’re still undecided, you’ll be pleased to learn that our applications are free. It won’t cost you anything to apply. You can also take advantage of a free loan consultation to learn more about your loan options and how we can help.

Beginning the Application Process

Borrowers are free to choose when and where they apply for car title loans Yuma. You can learn about our loan process and ask questions by calling us. One of our representatives will help you to complete an application. We also take applications right over the phone.

Instant Loan Quotes

You won’t be left in the dark wondering if you’ll ever be approved for a loan and how much money you can get. Shortly after filling out your online application, you’ll receive a free instant loan quote from 928 Car Title Loans. It’s simple, easy and fast.

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Helpful Tips About Vehicle Title Loans

  • No Credit Worries

    Applicants don’t need to be concerned whether their credit scores are high enough to be approved for loans. Since loans are secured with car titles, it isn’t necessary to have perfect credit scores and credit histories.

  • No Travel Restrictions

    Borrowers retain the use of their vehicles at all times if payments are made on schedule. You are free to drive anywhere you like.

  • Loan Amounts

    Loan amounts can vary, depending upon the current value of your automobile submitted as collateral and your monthly income. Newer vehicles with fewer miles generally rate the highest loan values because they are worth more. However, even older vehicles can still qualify for substantial loan amounts.

  • Loan Payouts

    928 Car Title Loans understands the needs of our customers, so we go to great lengths to see that every customer receives the fastest service possible. Approved borrowers will receive loan payouts within 24 hours of applying.

    There are also no spending restrictions when it comes to your loan funds. Borrowers are free to choose how they’ll use their money

How Our Car Title Loan Process Works

Required Documents

Working With a Loan Representative


Loan Funds

Required Documents for Title Loans Yuma, AZ

Unlike most banks that require quite a few documents, when processing loans, we only have a few requirements that most people have no problem meeting. Take a minute to make sure you have the required documents listed below:

  • You should own a vehicle such as a car, truck or RV, which is in working condition and hold a clear title.
  • You’ll need to confirm you are old enough to sign a contract with 928 Car Title Loans by presenting your Arizona identification card or your driver’s license. Applicants must be 18 or older.
  • Proof of income to repay the loan.

Working With a Loan Representative

Shortly after receiving your instant loan quote, you’ll receive a call from a loan representative to complete the details of the loan. You should be prepared to discuss your monthly income and the source of that income. We will present you with repayment plan options based on your income and the value of your vehicle offered as collateral. If you don’t see a plan that fits your needs, we would be happy to custom design a manageable repayment plan, which fits in well with your budget. To confirm verbal agreements, discussed during your loan consultation, you’ll proceed to the next phase of the loan process, which is reading and signing a contract.


In Arizona, contracts must be written according to car title loan regulations issued by the Department of Financial Institutions. State regulations can help to ensure fair interest rates for consumers. Title loans Yuma contracts specify the terms of the loan are clearly laid out for all parties involved in the loan process. Contracts will include:

  • A repayment schedule indicating payment amounts and the dates payments are due.
  • The interest rate the borrower will be charged and the cost of the interest.
  • The length of the loan.
  • Applicable loan fees.
  • The total loan amount.

After reading and signing your agreement at the loan center store, you will be asked to turn over your copy of your car title. A temporary lien will be placed on your vehicle to secure the loan. After 928 Car Title Loans receives your final payment, the car title is returned.

Loan Funds

After completing the contract formalities, you will receive the full amount of your loan funds, at the loan center store, to spend on anything you want or need.

Why Wait?

We’re ready to help with professional services and quick cash.

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